Videos About Dental Implants, the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge and our Dental Specialists

Town Center Dentistry, located in Rancho Bernardo, is a dentistry for any and all dental issues. If you have a cavity, we can give you a full exam and X-Ray, then fill that cavity up! If you have jaw pain, we can have our neuromuscular therapist check it out. If you suffer from serious tooth pain, we will have our root canal specialist alleviate the pain. If you can't sleep because of sleep apnea, our specialists can stop you from snoring, to a rousing round of applause from your poor significant other. If you have teeth that are not quite straight, we have amazing orthodontic specialists ready to get a you fixed with braces or Invisalign.

Town Center Dentistry Has World Class Dental Implant Specialists in San Diego

However, the thing that really sets Town Center Dentistry apart is our dental implants. We have world class dental implant specialists at our office in San Diego, California ready to replace missing or damaged teeth with either a single dental implant or a set of teeth with the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure.

The average Joe knows what a cavity is, but that is not quite the case when it comes to dental implants or the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge. It can be difficult for patients to understand what exactly each procedure entails, so that is why we had our amazing dental implant specialists create a series of videos detailing the ins and outs of dental implants and the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge. Please check out our series of videos on our dental specialists, dental implants, and the Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge Procedure.

Dental Implant and Hybrid4 Videos From Town Center Dentistry Rancho Bernardo