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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure performed by an Endodontist to repair a badly damaged or infected tooth. It is called a Root Canal because the Endodontist will go in to the very root of the tooth and remove the damaged or infected area, preventing the tooth from dying. After the infected or damaged area is removed, the Endodontist will fill the resulting gaps and canals with a permanent material. The opening is then sealed, and then a dental crown is placed on top of the tooth to secure it.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

The biggest red flag is severe tooth pain and a toothache that just will not go away. All tooth pain is not equal, as a standard cavity may be a bit painful but a infection that requires a root canal is a whole new can of worms.

You May Need a Root Canal If You Have an Extreme Tooth Sensitivity to Temperature

It has happened to pretty much anyone. You bite in to a popsicle and suddenly one of your teeth immediately screams out in pain. However, once you stop chewing, the toothache quickly goes away. When you have a tooth infection or badly damaged tooth that requires a root canal, the pain will not quickly go away. The pain will linger on long after you have finished the popsicle. Intense tooth sensitivity to hot and cold that results in pain is a tell-tale sign of a serious tooth infection that will require a root canal.

You May Need a Root Canal If Have Gum Tenderness or Gum Swelling Near the Area of Tooth Pain

You usually have a general idea of which tooth is causing you pain. If it is not only that tooth that hurts, but also your gums are very tender and swollen, it could be a serious tooth infection that requires a root canal. There also may be a small bump on the gums near the tooth, that from the untrained eye may resemble a small pimple. If you find this is the cause, a visit with an Endodontist may be in your future.

You May Need a Root Canal If You Notice a Darkening of the Tooth That Hurts

If you notice your teeth is starting to darken in color, this is a red alert that you need a root canal as soon as possible. This is the tooth dying, and immediate action should be taken to try to save the tooth and your smile. If you have a tooth that is darkening in color, schedule a visit with an Endodontist for a root canal today!

Tips from Town Center Dentistry Rancho Bernardo on How to Prevent a Root Canal

You do not want a root canal, and we don't want you to have to get one either! Some simple steps can go a long way towards preventing a rotting or decaying tooth.

Brush your teeth to avoid root canals

Brush Your Teeth Regularly to Prevent a Root Canal from Forming

This one is a no brainer. If you ever see an oral health issue, one of the firs tips to help prevent it from occurring is brushing regularly. Brushing your teeth will clean them and prevent the decay and cavities that can turn into a root canal over time.

Floss your teeth on a regular basis to prevent teeth from rotting or decaying

This goes hand in hand with brushing regularly. If you take good care of your teeth, you do not need to worry about a litany of issues. Just a few minutes of flossing can go a long way towards making your life a lot easier when it comes to oral health.

Visit your dentist at Town Center Dentistry for regular exams and cleaning

Oftentimes if you catch an issue early enough, you can prevent it from developing into something serious. It is a lot easier to get a filling or a cavity filled then to get a root canal procedure. If you visit your dentist at Town Center Dentistry every six months, you will get a comprehensive exam as well as a thorough cleaning. So not only will the dental exam catch an precursors to a root canal, we also will give your teeth a good cleaning that you just can't get at home.

Get any cavities you have filled as soon as possible to prevent needing a root canal procedure

Many issues that eventually need a root canal begin with a simple cavity. A biting pain in the back of the mouth may not seem like that big of a deal, but over time it can grow into something that requires drastic action like a root canal. That is why it is important to get any cavities inspected and filled as soon as possible. We know that sometimes it can be easy to put these kind of things off, but remember getting treated is a treat to yourself because it will prevent a root canal down the road.

We Have Expert Endodontists to Treat Your Root Canal at Our San Diego Office

Town Center Dentistry in Rancho Bernardo is unique in that they house a multitude of certified expert dental specialists all under one roof, including an Endodontist to treat your root canal. If you are having intense tooth pain or a toothache, we can help! Our Endodontist is Dr. Kimberly McLachlan, one of the most highly regarded root canal specialists in San Diego. She has over 20 years of experience as an Endodontist, and these years of practicing root canal surgery gives her the confidence and expertise to tackle each and every obstacle. If you want only the best treatment for your root canal from an extraordinary Endodontist, you need to contact Dr. Kimberly McLachlan at Town Center Dentistry in Rancho Bernardo.

San Diego Root canal specialists & Endodontist Kimberly McLachlan

Town Center Dentistry is the Rancho Bernardo Root Canal Experts

You never know when a root canal will strike. You can be just going about your day and feel a toothache that causes you to pause in pain. Luckily, your local dentistry in Rancho Bernardo also has Root Canal experts on hand. Town Center Dentistry prides itself on having state of the art equipment and world class dental specialists at our Rancho Bernardo office. If you have serious tooth pain or a toothache, come to our office today to meet with our Endodontist and get your tooth and smile looking great in no time!