The Truth Behind Dentures

Town Center Dentistry offers All-On-Four permanent dentures to replace traditional dentures. We have All-On-Four specialists so you don't have to worry about the pitfalls of dentures anymore.

Everyone is self-conscious about something. For some, it’s their weight. For others, it’s a learning disability or how much money they make. Some people have addictions or compulsions that they’re embarrassed to reveal. Whatever it is, we all have something we’re insecure about. The impact it has on one’s life, of course, varies by individual. Unfortunately, for many people who wear dentures, the experience is often one of extreme self-consciousness in several areas of life.

Earlier in 2015, a U.S. Oral Care Survey (Biting Into Denture Care) revealed the negative impact dentures have on the confidence of those who wear them. Believe it or not, one surprising revelation of the survey is that 53% of respondents say they received their first set of dentures at age 44 or younger. So we’re not just talking about the lost confidence of the elderly.

Surprised? Here’s some more you may not know about dentures – as revealed by people who have actually worn them:  

Dentures are a social embarrassment

63% of survey respondents say they’ve kept their dentures a secret from someone

32% have kept their dentures a secret from friends

10% have kept their dentures a secret from siblings

7% have kept their dentures a secret from their spouse

20% avoid smiling in social situations

Dentures have a negative impact on romance

42% of survey respondents say dentures have a negative impact on their love lives. (Their reasons include fear of bad breath and worry over dentures dislodging)

24% say they are afraid to kiss passionately

Dentures cause self-consciousness at work

38% of respondents say wearing dentures has affected their careers

37% say they feel intimidated to network with other professionals

33% say they lack confidence in meetings

23% say they have avoided going on job interviews

Dentures create insecurities around food

54% of respondents say their number one concern is getting food caught in or under their dentures

50% avoid eating corn on the cob

34% avoid eating apples

33% avoid eating nuts

23% avoid eating steak

10% avoid social situations like eating at weddings or parties altogether

And to make matters worse…

78% of denture wearers believe they are keeping their dentures in excellent condition


Research shows that up to 89% of people who wear dentures do not clean them correctly

Dentures are not the only alternative

Although dentures are often touted as a budget-friendly solution to missing teeth, is all this lost confidence worth the few dollars you may save? We don’t think so.  

At Town Center Dentistry in Rancho Bernardo, we know everyone is self-conscious about something. But today, with the availability of dental implants and All-on-Four, we don’t believe your teeth need to be the something you’re self-conscious about.   

If you currently have dentures and are interested in regaining your confidence – or if you’re just starting to explore your options for tooth replacement – give us a call. We’re happy to talk to you about our services.  At Town Center Dentistry, we want to help you get your smile back so you can get your life back.