Funniest Ways to Pull Out Children's Loose Teeth

Town Center Dentistry offers fun tips on how to pull your children's teeth.

Around the age of 6, your child’s “baby teeth” will begin to fall out to make way for adult teeth. They usually fall out in the order they come in, so typically, you’ll see the bottom front teeth go first, followed by the top two. For some children, the first loose tooth is exciting because at that age, they’re anxious to get rid of all evidence of babyhood. But that first one is also kind of scary because they don’t know what to expect when it comes out.

At Town Center Dentistry, our advice is to let the first tooth come out on its own and to save creative tooth-pulling for when your child is a little more experienced in the business of losing baby teeth.

For the next one, wait until your child’s tooth is extra wiggly and s/he gives you the Ok to pull it. Grasp the tooth firmly, using gauze or tissue for grip. Then twist and pull.

And then, when your child is ready…

You can expand your tooth pulling creativity.

You know your child better than anyone. If s/he is up for an adventure in tooth pulling, browse YouTube together for “creative teeth pulling.” There, you’ll find a bunch of real-life videos of children pulling their own teeth or having it done by family members – in all kinds of ways.  

Some of our favorites include:

The slingbow

We’re amazed by the level of this girl’s bravery. She ties her tooth to an arrow and then shoots it out with the slingbow. We’re impressed by the footage, too. The slow-motion effect is…gripping.  This family made art out of tooth pulling.

The remote control tractor

A boy ties dental floss to his tooth and attaches the other end to his remote control tractor. In the background you can hear Dad say, “Give it as much gas as you can, Bud.”

The Nerf gun

This boy ties the other end of his dental floss to the “bullet” of a Nerf gun.  It takes a couple of tries, but eventually, it works. We especially like this one and the two above because the children get to be in control of the process, so it doesn’t happen until they’re ready.

The Door Slam

A tooth. Some dental floss. A doorknob.  And a little girl who’s game to give it a try. This is one of those tricks that get passed down from earlier generations. If you had it done when you were a kid (and the experience was a good one), you’re probably looking forward to sharing it with your kids.

The family car

Look no further for reasons to hang onto your muscle car once you’ve “settled down” into family life. This hot rod still comes in handy.  (And to be honest, we’re always a little bit relieved when we hear the mom laughing in the background.  This may not be the kind of thing she’d like to hear about after the fact.)

Ok, this was fun, but…

We beg you, please only attempt creative tooth pulling when your child expresses an eagerness for it and when the tooth is really really really loose.

If you have any questions about your child’s teeth, tooth extraction or any of the services we offer at Town Center Dentistry in Rancho Bernardo, give us a call or drop in to schedule an appointment.

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