Cute Tooth Fairy Ideas

Town Center Dentistry in San Diego is a kid friendly dentist. If your child loses their tooth in Rancho Bernardo, we offer tips to make things more fun!

Look, parents. We know you have enough on your plates, on your minds, and on your to-do lists, and you probably don’t need another project.


If the Tooth Fairy has a special place in your heart, and you have the energy to go that extra mile, then try one of these cute Tooth Fairy ideas when your babies start losing their teeth.

Glitter dollars

Glitter and fairies go together like magic hats and bunny rabbits.  Sprinkling a bit of glitter on the bill or coins left in place of the tooth will add a special, magical touch.

Glitter footsteps

Want to take the glitter idea even further? Place a tiny doll’s foot on the windowsill of your child’s bedroom.  Sprinkle glitter around the foot. When you remove the doll’s foot, you’re left with a tiny fairy footprint. Do that a couple of times, and voila! Proof that the Tooth Fairy was here.

Tooth Fairy doors

A special door for the Tooth Fairy will inspire magical thinking. Make or buy one and place it on a bookshelf or hang it up high on the wall.

Matchbox Tooth Fairy box

Help your child make this adorable box to hold his lost tooth – as well as whatever the Tooth Fairy leaves behind.

Show proof of the Tooth Fairy

For the kid who needs proof that the Tooth Fairy was really in her room while she was sleeping, this website helps you capture a photo of the visit. All you need to do is take a picture of your child sleeping, upload the photo, and choose a fairy to add to the picture. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, you can download the photo and prove to your skeptical child that the Tooth Fairy really does exist.

Buy or make a special pillow

Amazon and Etsy both have plenty of options for special Tooth Fairy pillows with pockets and other little features that hold teeth, cash, or whatnot. If you want to make one your own, just do a search for “DIY Tooth Fairy pillow” in your browser.

Money origami

YouTube is a great resource for learning how to turn a dollar bill into a something special using the Japanese art of paper folding. Try this basket and then fill it with a couple of glittery coins. Or this butterfly. Or this heart

Leave a tiny note on tiny paper

Sometimes the simplest ideas have the greatest impact. Part of what makes fairies so special is how tiny they are. Play up that idea by leaving a tiny note under the pillow in place of the lost tooth. You can write your own or get one of these from Etsy

And one more thing…

Let us just say that here at Town Center Dentistry, we understand that you have limited time and energy at the end of the day. So if you have to choose between helping your kids floss their teeth and creating an elaborate ruse around the idea of a mythical creature…we’re pretty sure you know where we stand on that.