All-On-Four Dental Implants: Patient Opinions

Town Center Dentistry has the very best All-On-Four Dental Implant Specialists in San Diego. If you have missing or damaged teeth, come to Town Center Dentistry in Rancho Bernardo.

As dental professionals, we here at Town Center Dentistry get excited over new innovations in our field. In fact, we’ll admit that we can get downright giddy over anything that will improve the lives of our patients.  

As many of you know, the All-On-Four dental implant procedure is one we’ve been enthusiastic about for some time now. When we discuss it with our patients, they too become thrilled by the notion of getting a full set of teeth in a day. After what for many is a lifetime of dental issues, the procedure actually affects the way they see themselves and experience the world.


All-On-Four has been around for long enough now that you don’t have to take our word for how life-changing it can be. People everywhere are talking about their experiences with the procedure and how it has impacted their lives.  If you’ve been to our Testimonials page, then you’ve already heard from Daniel DeBeau, whose rock-n-roll lifestyle led to damaged teeth and other dental issues.  Just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s a taste of what he wrote:

“I got the All-On-4. It was really in and out. I love how they look. People will stop me at Starbucks or something and say, ‘You have amazing teeth.’  And I tell them, it’s all Dr. G."

And then there’s our patient Greg Dewitt, who wrote:

“I got the All-On-4. They’re bolted in and they’re not going anywhere. I could not have been happier. I’ve been missing teeth for 25 years. I’m 62 years old and I had to learn how to chew again. Everybody when they look in the mirror wants to look good and when I look in the mirror I know I look good because of what Tom’s done.”

But it’s not just our Town Center Dentistry patients who are talking about the positive effect the procedure has had on their lives. One website,, features reviews of the procedure from Nevada, Florida, Virginia, Mexico, Australia – all over the country and all over the world.  And among those reviewers, the All-On-Four has a 96% Worth It rating.

One reviewer from Dallas, Texas who goes by the handle “txewing” begins her review of the All-on-Four procedure by explaining her backstory. At 21, when her wisdom teeth came in, she didn’t have the money to have them pulled, so she let them grow in even though there was no room in her mouth. As they grew, they crowded and cracked the rest of her teeth.  For the next 35 years, she dealt with broken, abscessed, and missing teeth, and when in 2006 one of her front teeth broke all the way down to the gum, she spent the next 8 years trying to hide it.

After her All-On-Four procedure in 2014, she wrote:

“I didn’t realize just how inhibited I had become. I’m making eye contact and smiling at strangers in the grocery store. I’ve had acquaintances say, ‘What’s different about you?’ ‘Did you color your hair?’ ‘You look ten years younger.’ This is truly a life-altering event.”

Another reviewer in Mexico named Brandi (who goes by the handle “sewncake”) tells how the All-On-Four procedure changed her life. For three years before she received her implants, the now-38-year-old wore dentures but hated them. After speaking to her dentist and other patients, she decided she was done with the dentures. Here’s what she said:

“…I underwent the All-On-Four procedure. In the space of about 5 hours I had the 4 implant anchors in place, the teeth were completed and screwed into place. They were amazing, just like real teeth. Implants have changed the quality of my life in so many ways. No more self consciousness, no more worries. I am completely satisfied with my just fitted ‘All in 4’ smile. This has changed my dental health as well as my personal confidence immeasurably, and given me a terrific new permanent smile.”

It’s your turn now

If you’ve been living with damaged or broken teeth, or with other dental issues that are causing you to hide your smile, you don’t have to live that way any longer. Come see us at Town Center Dentistry in Rancho Bernardo, and let’s talk about your options.  If you’re a good candidate for All-on-Four dental implants, there’s no need to wait any longer.  You deserve to live a life of self-confident smiles and the joy of sharing them.

And if you’re worried about the procedure, there’s no need for that either. We offer sedation dentistry, so you can sleep through the whole thing!