Funniest Wisdom Teeth Sedation Videos

At Town Center Dentistry, we love all our patients, but we have to admit we have a particular soft spot for those who come in to have their wisdom teeth removed. Most of them are young and experiencing the effects of sedation for the first time.  

They come in nervous and leave….well…not-so-nervous. They’re often funny and full of wonder.

Although we never record our patients, sometimes parents and friends do. In fact, all you have to do is browse for “wisdom teeth” on YouTube, and you’ll find thousands of post-sedation videos of people who have just had their wisdom teeth removed.

So, just for kicks, we thought we’d share 10 of our favorite funny videos of people after sedation dentistry. (None of them are our patients.) If you watch only one of these videos, make sure it’s #7.

Kylie Can't Find Her Mouth After Sedation

1) Our favorite post-sedation moment in this video is when Kylie nearly panics that she can’t find her mouth and then describes the desert inside it. But no cactuses, thank goodness. (3:00-ish)

Calen Winks With a Numb Face After Removing His Wisdom Teeth

2) If you’ve never seen someone try to wink on the numb side of their face after having their wisdom teeth pulled, Calen should give you a good laugh. (1:45-ish)

Kelly Asks if She Looks Pretty After Wisdom Teeth Removal

3) Kelly asks her mom if she looks pretty. With wads of gauze in her mouth. While hugging the dashboard. (1:35-ish)

Alex Does a Dolphin Impression After Visiting the Dentist

4) Alex does a dolphin impression and explains that everyone likes yogurt, including dolphins and barracudas. (1:20-ish)

Kyle Wants to Party With His Dentist After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Removed

5) Immediately after having his wisdom teeth pulled, Kyle wants to party with his dentist. (Yeah, we get that a lot.) (0:20-ish)

Amanda is a Wizard at Hogwarts After Wisdom Teeth Removal

6) Amanda suddenly remembers that she’s a wizard from Hogwarts. (1:40-ish)

Women is Confused After Sedation and Wisdom Teeth Removal

7) Ok.  This might be the funniest post-wisdom-teeth-removal video of the bunch.  Just watch.

Brother and Sister Hilarious After Wisdom Teeth Removal

8) This brother and sister have just had their wisdom teeth removed. Kelly says she has a brick inside her mouth and Jarrod asks if his lip is falling. (1:30-ish)

Brother and Sister Play Thumb War After Getting Sedated at the Dentist

9) In their post-sedation state, Austin and Kaylynn play the slowest game of Thumb War ever. (2:20-ish)

Hannah Rides a Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth Removal

10) Hannah begins by describing her experience as that of a ride with a unicorn and then transitions into a rap about Jesus. (“You take him high. You take him low. You take J.C. wherever you go.”) (1:00-ish)

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